Ready to Bring Change?

Begin by acknowledging the danger. In any competitive environment there exists the temptation to bend the rules. And when the rewards involve money, power and prestige, the enticement increases exponentially. Don’t be naïve and don’t imagine it can’t happen in your organization. Decide today to make ethics a key dimension of your corporate culture.

Next, recognize that you as a leader are essential to the process. A recent study shows that the greatest deterrent to cheating is the presence of an authority figure we don’t want to let down. If you conduct your interactions with the highest integrity, others will follow. So invest your personal growth on this front.

While you make this personal commitment to integrity, begin to work with your senior management. Help them to understand that the goal is to transform the culture of the company – to place ethics at the core. Study the underlying principles of ethical business, ask the hard questions, reward the right behaviors and insist on results. Make this a part of every meeting and every decision.

And as you would with any investment, consider working with a specialist. Whether it’s seeking guidance on a particular decision, getting consultation for the executive team, training for management, or an address to engage the whole organization, working with an expert will ensure that your efforts pay all the dividends you seek.