About Kirk

Kirk Winslow has been teaching applied ethics and moral decision-making for more than 15 years. He travels nationally as a highly regarded keynote speaker and seminar leader. Well known for his humorous, approachable and engaging style, Kirk combines classical philosophical understanding with current research to help business leaders create cultures enduring integrity within their organizations.

Academically, Kirk holds a B.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Southern California and a M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary – where he teaches now as a member of the adjunct faculty. Kirk is also an ordained Presbyterian minister, serving on the executive staff of Irvine Presbyterian Church (Irvine, CA).

What Kirk Brings to Your Organization :

A Passion for Business

Business is a high calling. Not only does business provide the essentials for human flourishing, it creates opportunities for each person to express his or her unique talents. Business makes both societies and individuals better. That is why business leaders will find no more passionate cheerleader than Kirk. He is zealous in his desire to see good companies thrive. And he will work diligently to provide your organization the inspiration and tools necessary to succeed in your work of making your organization and the world a better place.

A Broader Perspective

In any athletic competition it is what happens on the field that ultimately determines success or failure. It is on the field that athletes strive and coaches lead. It is on the field where the pressure is most acute and critical decisions are made. But the field offers only one perspective. What all great coaches know is that they need someone at the top of the stands, someone with a broad view who can help make the right call when the game is on the line. This perspective is what Kirk brings to your company!

His expertise is not that of another MBA (though he certainly understands the issues), but that of an ethicist. His time has been spent wrestling with life’s biggest questions, challenging conventional wisdom, and teaching others to do the same. What you get with Kirk is an examination of the big picture and the heart of your company. What values are essential to you as a leader? And how will you ensure that the right decision is made when it counts?

A Unique and Proven Approach

Kirk brings to business ethics the precision of an engineer, the insight of a philosopher and the care of a trusted mentor and friend. As a scholar, he is always engaged with the latest research and his conclusions are driven by empirical evidence. But he also understands the human dimensions of leadership and that the right decisions are rarely made on data alone. To these he adds the skills acquired by more than 20 years as a public speaker and private counselor. Whether addressing a large audience, posing questions at the conference table, or advising one-on-one, hundreds have found Kirk’s insights invaluable and his presentations inspiring.