The Role of Business in Shaping Culture

You may be familiar with the work of the RSA from their very popular series of animated lectures (you know, the cool drawings on the white board).  Today, however, I’m recommending RSA CEO Matthew Taylor’s presentation:  Enlightened Enterprise – a very thought-provoking exploration of the role of business in shaping shaping culture.   Taylor directly addresses critical questions such as:  How do sellers responsibly exercise their ability to influence choice?   How do companies align commercial strategy with the larger human need to live well?  What is it right to expect of regulation and regulators?  And what does it mean to be truly “sustainable”?

These, and the many others that Taylor raises, are, in my opinion, essential issues upon which every ethical executive must reflect; and I very much commend him for his work (in this talk and his larger direction of the RSA).

Note that this discussion is high on content and perhaps a little low on passionate inspiration.  If you’re looking for memorable stories, this is  not the conversation for you.  But Taylor’s research is excellent, his sources first-rate.  You may not agree with every conclusion, but he knows his stuff, and he’ll push you to think about your role as an executive and what you can do for our greater good.


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